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Brand Release Trailer!

2012-02-02 17:57:29 by kazoodac

Brand is available now on Xbox Live Indie Games!

I was up in Canada working for Nine Dots Studio for three weeks, and one of the things I did is help make this trailer!

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So I've been helping out an Indie game studio called Nine Dots for the last few weeks. They are based in Quebec, and are launching their first video game today! It's called Brand, and it is more than worth the dollar you will spend to get it!

It launches on Xbox Live today, and will be on the PC soon!

as for me, I was helping with promoting the game and the studio. I made the launch trailer, and I have been directing a series of four short videos introducing Brand's enemies. The first one will be out soon, so keep an eye out!

You can read all about my internship here: andrewincanada.tumblr.com


2011-12-07 01:19:29 by kazoodac

I made an interactive YouTube video-game!

check it out!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmyY1QX I-Ws

I have a logo!

2011-11-17 23:23:42 by kazoodac

and it's this!

I have a logo!

New video!

2011-11-08 12:40:06 by kazoodac

A little political parody! HD on vimeo in a few days!

Generic Action!

2011-04-18 18:12:38 by kazoodac

Latest short video is done!

Ending music by PeterSatera of newgrounds. If you haven't heard his audio, check it out! It's incredible!


2011-04-17 21:25:19 by kazoodac


Not that it's a huge deal...but I took pleasure in knowing my medal score was over 9000.

Proverb Video

2010-12-01 13:10:01 by kazoodac

Good news everyone!

My proverb video is done! Tell me what you think!

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Alzheimer's is Tangible

2010-11-19 14:36:58 by kazoodac

So this is a video for my Form and Communication Class that I finished about a month ago.

I might go back and re-edit it to make the beginning move faster.


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2009-12-04 12:54:39 by kazoodac

Again... it's not a Flash movie, sorry Newgrounds... I'm just no good at that!

But check out my most recent video, Transfer the Package, on YouTube!


or you could watch below, but it's Full HD on YouTube

Special Thanks to user PeterSatera for composing the INCREDIBLE soundtrack to the movie! Honestly, it's better than the film! Check his page out HERE!

Let me know what you all think!

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